Reusable Commemorative Statue - 2019

Reusable Commemorative Statue (version NY)
A Toolkit to make commemorative statues
(work made at Sculpture Space, NY - installed at Griffis Sculpture Park, NY)

Many statues adorn our streets and parks to commemorate people like statesmen, war heroes, royals, scientists, artists and so on. Mostly standing, sometimes on a horse or posing with a certain gesture.
Though very often people, by-passers, inhabitants don't know who is depicted and for what reason. And times are also changing. What was good in the past can be regarded differently now. And again differently in the future.

Instead of toppling or destroying these statues there is this toolkit to make commemorative statues that can withstand the spell of the times – the issues of today – the changing political correctness. On the pedestal the name, characteristics, validity and reasons can be changed. As well as changing the elements that depict the body.

And the whole statue can be easily dismantled, folded up and stored or transported to another place in case necessary.