Mimicking the hidden - Work for the Nakanojo Biennale - 2019

Mimicking the hidden
A very site-specific work because the allocated exhibition space was a class room in a former elementary school. There were strong colours in the class room – a yellow-reddish wooden floor, green walls and everywhere grid patterns. And the view out of the windows was on a fenced sports field with mountains at the back.

These characteristics of the site were combined with the theme “Anthropocene” of the Nakanojo biennale and with the designs of traditional Japanese sliding doors (shōji - 障子) and folding screens (Byōbu – 屏風). Screens and doors that are usually used to divide a space or a room. Or they are used to hide something behind them.

The work is a long set of open folding screens that attempt to mimic what is behind them. Revealing in a different way the nature that is behind the screens and behind the windows. The bended shapes and patterns of the screens have their counter-part on the loosely lying ribbons on the floor that are painted with leaves and ferns.

And as with all human efforts to mimic nature this one results in …

Are we therefore now in “Anthropocene”?
View from the class room