Small Talk Starters Kit - 2016

Small Talk Starters Kit
A rollable, foldable construction that supports five woodcut Rorschach's (ink-blots) to give ideas to start small talk. Based upon following remark of a Norwegian “We are not good at small talk”. The reasoning behind this value statement intrigued me. Is it true? How to find out why? Could it be the nature? Is there more need for personal space because there is so much space? Juggling with these and other questions I came to following: The nature in the Norwegian fjords resembles Rorschach's. Rorschach's are used to understand the human psyche. Can they be used to understand the nature of Norwegians? And will a rollable, foldable construction create the needed personal space?

Centered around the Small Talk Starters Kit the local population shared their small talks, songs, bites, jokes and drinks in 
 Norway's First Small Talk Festival, Storhaug, Ã…lvik, Norway