Sorry, better Safe than Sorrow - 2021/22

Safety for the Unicorn: Fully Protected 
(part of Sorry, better Safe than Sorrow)

Sorry, better Safe than Sorrow
A toolset of glass elements to guard objects that are valued

This toolset, to build safety constructions around objects, 
consists of glass elements that are made of nearly 5000 pieces of sheet glass. 
They are glued and painted into 900 glass elements that are divided 
in 6 different categories, From left to right and top to bottom:

Sizers to make volume in the construction: horizontal and vertical. 
They have lengths from 10 to 50 centimeters.
Stretchers. Single pieces of sheet glass for covering big parts of the safety construction. 
They exist in 15 different sizes.
Syncers that clamps and locks horizontally and/or vertically the other elements
 for a more solid construction. They exist in 7 different types.
Stuffers for stabilization and as contra-weights for balancing
Standards that can hold Strechers for large parts of safeguarding. 
There are 2 types.
Saviours. For full protection these humanoid glass elements with 5 different facial expressions complete the safeguarding. There are 5 types of them.

No matter what value an object has, the protection of this valuable object can be made with his toolset. The Saviours provide an additional level of protection.
Below 6 examples of valued objects that are protected:
Unprotected Unicorn
Protected Unicorn

Fully protected Unicorn

Unprotected Venus of Milo
Protected Venus of Milo
Fully protected Venus of Milo

Unprotected Small Unicorn
Fully protected Small Unicorn  

Unprotected small Venus of Milo

Fully protected small Venus of Milo  

Unprotected Souvenirs

Fully protected Souvenirs

Unprotected Tools and Utensils

Fully protected Tools and Utensils

 All 867 glass elements, boxed in 62 crates,
with 9 different lay-outs