Tops (or Mimicking which nature) - 2020

My First Top
Children start with comparing their drawings. And on the other hand they play with going up and down (slides, swings, seesaws). So what is better one big top or two smaller ones?

Top Topo
How do we measure what is a top? Does it only depend on the measurement unit? Or is it all relative?

On Top of is ...
Got to the top? Good! And who is then the Joker?



My Top is not Yours 
A set of three weebly wobbly's that can wobble in pairs but not as a group. So how far can you go with identifying your Top?

Blue Tops Blue
An u/dis-topia of efforts to (re-)create Tops.
(or Mimicking which nature)

It’s all about the height - getting to the top, you know what I mean!

So, what is that value of height? How do we measure that value?

What is that drive to get to the top?

Is it the urge to conquer nature's tops that is reflected in mankind's making and building of tops? Are we better than nature? Are we managing nature? Mimicking it?

How stable and solid could answers be?

Prototypes of weebly wobbly's (like roly-poly toys) were made during a working period in the Swiss Alps. Prototypes to be used in future (outdoor) constructions. The weebly wobbly's can be touched, pushed and played with.