Turbojet - 2013

Originally I was drawn to a turbojet because of the inlet cone of a turbo jet. There is often a spiral drawing on that cone. First I thought it was to frighten birds so they wouldn't fly into the turbojet. Later I discovered its function is to see if the engine runs stable. Anyway I decided to do something with such an impressive object as a turbojet. After research I found out that they only have 4 functions: intake of air, compress, combust and exhaust of air. And instead of an impressive machine I decided – after several steps and prototypes – to make a version in 4 parts, like the 4 functions, and to make it accessible by using materials that you want to stroke or by organic shapes.

Turbojet - Intake
Turbojet - Compression
The inside of the accordion was adapted so it has a convex shape while it is still pulled by strings. This convex shape is unnatural because it should be a concave shape, given the laws of gravity. The iron of the construction bended upwards and inwards because of the force of the pulling of the strings.
Turbojet - Combustion
Black and transparent water are slowly pumped through the same set of hoses without mixing with each other. The black water pushes the transparent water further and the transparent water pushes the black water further. 
Turbojet - Exhaust