Moengo Festival of Visual Arts, Suriname
The collaborative work "FoMO Moengo" was created with and Vera Visser for this festival. An expression of the impressions of what happens during the evenings in Moengo.

Let's Celebrate Being Second, Tartu, Estonia
Prototypes for monuments to be realized in Tartu, the second city of Estonia and therefor a never failing city. Being second is the best position because you can do whatever you want. You don't have to uphold a status or defend a position. So you will never fail.

Norway's First Small Talk Festival, Storhaug, Ålvik, Norway
Centered around the Small Talk Starters Kit the local population shared their small talks, songs, bites, jokes and drinks.

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What happened between the walls, Fontrodona Artspace, Amsterdam
a project by PJ Bruyniks and Vera Visser.
During a two-week working process they alternately reacted on each other's work.
A booklet was made as documentation of this process.
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Rietveld, Uncut, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
About the relationship between man and object and the influence of material on the artist
Thoughts of visitors were transformed into objects. And this object could be a film, sound, projection, text, performance or a physical object.

2055 Nieuw Vennep New Babylon
 A vision on the future of Nieuw Vennep (a small provincial town) in 2055. Can it be turned into a New Babylon?
Taken into account the current and foreseen social and technological developments there will be different services needed in 2055. Therefore there is a Service Empire and a services barrack. Both are connected with lines to the different types of services.

Glow, Designhuis, Eindhoven
 Using light as medium to visualize Philipsdorp, a city-district that was built and designed for workers of Philips.

The Pyramid of IJmuiden
A project of RC de Ruimte
See construction Golden pulpit

The Sound of Shadow, Amsterdam
16 silent movies were projected simultaneously on 13 different screens. An experiment to investigate if moving images, set in a special composition, can simulate sound.

Cat Bunkers, Amsterdam
Honoring the liquidation of the Kattenbak Collective 9 concrete cat toilets (cat bunkers) were made.The cat bunkers were placed at several art institutions in Amsterdam.

ASUAX, Amsterdam
19 artists of the artist initiative "Het Kattenbak Collectief" pretended to be Chinese artists 
(including a fake Chinese name and CV).
Aqua Cotta Army: 
16 soldiers made of Chinese canned food and chopsticks. 
From the helmets came steaming water and on the background there was military Chinese music.
1 of 24 Noodle-Droodles: Shark fin's soup made of young rebellious pierced shark

The Wonder of Woerdes, Woerden
The Glorification of Labour. This was placed in a space of 27 by 9 meters and consisted of 30 hanging cylinders that were covered with 500 traffic signs. The traffic signs referred to sayings from politicians, trade unions, church-leaders and philosophers about work.